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The worldwide standard for home and building control Gamma Building control Product Catalog

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 Airport Shipping Data Centre Industry Life Science Industry Port Hotel Office buildings Museum Theatre Tunnel Shopping centre University Hospital

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 Display and operation units 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Output devices Gamma Building control Future-proof electrical installations based on KNX® Product catalog 2017 Input devices Combination devices Lighting Solar protection, anti-glare protection, utilization of daylight Refer to the HIT online catalog for current updates of this catalog: © Siemens Switzerland Ltd, 2016 Gamma instabus® KNX Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning ­ room temperature control Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning ­ primary control Load management Modular installation system, room control box Gateways, interface converters Physical sensors Control and automation devices System products and accessories Meters Radio system ­ Synco living KNX RF Radio System ­ EnOcean Appendix

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 3

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 Dear customers, The world around us is constantly changing; in particular, digitalization and automation are gaining in importance. Everything is becoming more networked, more integrated and more digitalized with huge amounts of data being generated. For buildings, these data offer a wealth of opportunities. Siemens has extensive experience in leveraging these opportunities to make buildings and infrastructures safer and more energyefficient, focusing on the comfort and wellbeing of building users and easy product and system operation. The Siemens Building Technologies Division has a broad and comprehensive portfolio, covering a wide range of requirements, applications and protocols. This catalogue presents the KNX portfolio and gives for example a detailed and comprehensive overview on the Gamma instabus products. With its extensive product portfolio range, Gamma instabus ensures efficient and economical operation across the entire lifecycle of a building. Gamma Building control provides optimal comfort solutions and energy-efficient applications. The interaction between lighting, solar protection, heating, ventilation and air conditioning helps achieve the greatest possible energy savings. Additionally, Gamma Building control offers compliance with the KNX standard and the highest levels of flexibility.

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 A consistent strategy Market-leading technologies and winning business models have been the foundation of our success for more than 170 years. Electrification: shaping the new energy age Siemens is positioned along the electrification value chain. Our products are highly efficient at generating, transmitting, distributing and using electrical energy. Electrification is where our roots are. We are still the leader in this space, and it is where our future lies. Automation: shaping the 4th industrial revolution We have been successfully automating our customers' processes for many years. We are a global leader in automation ­ a position we intend to maintain and expand. Digitalization: shaping the digital enterprise We want to exploit the opportunities offered by digitalization even more because added value for customers can increasingly be found in software solutions and intelligent data analytics. Energy Conversion Power and Gas Electrification Automation Digitalization Wind Power and Renewables Healthcare Process Industries and Drives Energy Transmission, Distribution and Smart Grid Medical Imaging and In-vitro Diagnostics Energy Application Digital Factory Mobility Building Technologies Energy Management

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 The power of innovation With more than 348 000 employees around the world, Siemens is one the largest producers of energyefficient and resource-saving technologies. Initial patent applications per work day 1 3700 Initial patent applications 17 56000 Patents granted Inventions per work day 1 35 7650 Invention disclosures R&D employees and software developers (rounded) in FY 2015 / 16 32100 17 500 Software developers of those, approximately employees in Research and Development (R&D) Interchange universities 9 7800 software developers in Corporate Technology Principal-partner universities 16 1 calculation based on 220 work days

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 Building technology makes the difference. When you realize that buildings account for around 40 % of the world's total energy consumption, it is obvious that buildings can play a key role in securing a greener future. Heating, cooling and lighting are just a few of the many key drivers that affect energy consumption. 41% Buildings Mobility 28% Worldwide energy consumption Industry 31% "It pays to invest in professional, groundbreaking building technology!"

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 The future of construction. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a holistic process that is transforming planning, construction and management of buildings and infrastructures. Accelerated construction and early error detection are just two of the many benefits of BIM. Boost your efficiency by using BIM for planning.

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 New developments For the latest developments, please visit: Universaldimmer N 528D01 The universal dimmer meets the need for dimming all dimmable luminaires, including lowwattage lights. Page 5-15 IP Control Center N 152 The new version of the IP Control Center offers more visualization solutions for smartphones and tablets in addition to powerful application modules and multimedia applications. Page 1-62 Contouch UP 204 Contouch now offers a separate tool, Contouch Manager, that allows end users to design the user interface, select the desired designs and set timer commands without using ETS. Page 1-55 RDG405KN Similar to the RDG400KN, the new KNX thermostat covers typical VAV applications and controls directly the respective equipment to ensure optimum comfort by keeping the room's temperature and IAQ level within the desired limits. Page 1-52 GDB111.9E/KN The new electromotoric rotary actuator with KNX S-Mode for motorizing control ball valves. Page 7-42 LOGO! CMK2000 The LOGO! CMK2000 communication module makes it easy to connect the LOGO! controller to the KNX device system bus. Page 13-7 The worldwide standard for home and building control

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 Gamma instabus Available in all DELTA product ranges DELTA miro color DELTA style Titanium white Aluminum metallic Titanium white Platinum metallic DELTA line DELTA miro wood Titanium white Aluminum metallic Red maple Beech DELTA miro glass Crystal green/ aluminum metallic White/titanium white Black /aluminum metallic Orient /titanium white Arena/titanium white DELTA miro color Titanium white Electrical white Aluminum metallic Carbon metallic

© Siemens Switzerland Ltd 2016 Tools and apps Tools and apps from Siemens help users not only to plan new projects but also to calculate potential energy savings by modernizing their building automation system. Using apps from Siemens online and on your smartphone allows you to quickly find the right product and calculate a building's energy savings potential. This makes routine tasks easier and simpler and speeds up the search for suitable products. Gamma Converter app Gamma Converter app is used to exchange applications of products from Siemens automatically. It expands the basic functionality of the Gamma converter tools with the feature,...

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