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CUBEVISION The simplest visualization ever, from BAB TECHNOLOGIE. What, if the creation of a building visualization would be rather simple and the operation be intuitively? If a building visualization could be generated nearly automatically? Could it be individual and sophisticated after all? A contradiction in fact, but we have the solution: It is called CUBEVISION. A visualization, which revokes the apparent contrasts between »sophisticated and simply« as well as »individual and automatic«. The »Cube« generates itself independently. In this process, a complete new kind of visualization will be formed. The building is displayed as a cube and distinguished itself by an entire intuitive kind of navigation. To switch the floors, the cube must be simply moved up and down, to switch the rooms, it is simply turned left or right. Find out now how easy CUBEVISION is designed! Also in the matter of menu navigation, CUBEVISION is ahead of time: Control elements must not longer be designed and arranged elaborately, but will be created and sorted automatically. The structure of the menu arises self-acting and leads the user through the operation of his building, clearly and intuitively. Only the most important information appears on each cubes' page, while a total overview Is only one »click« away at any time. Elements which require an extended view, offering this automatically, clearly arranged and without further configuration. The shape of the cube, meaning the number of pages, as well as the number of floors, will automatically arise out of the building structure.

GOOD LOOKING IN ONLY 3 STEPS 1 2 3 CREATE BUILDING STRUCTURE By specifying of floors and rooms the cube is generated automatically. In this way, it corresponds to the building structure and the user will immediately find it easy to handle. SELECT BACKGROUND IMAGE Every room receives an individual face by the assignment of background images. The user recognizes immediately which room it is. By request high quality rendered, consciously held neutral images are available. ADD CONTROL ELEMENTS The required control elements are simply linked to the group addresses. They will be automatically brought to the right design and positioned. The user encounters a uniform look and menu structure adapts itself to its habits.

THE INSTANT CONTROL PANEL The Instant Control Panel creates itself automatically for each room and is always available. It includes all basic control elements, e. g. the lighting control, the room temperature control or the blind control. And the best of all: The layout is determined by the user himself. While operating, it is automatically detected which functions are most used and the content of the Instant Control Panel is accordingly sorted. This »favorite function« ensures the instant access on the most important control elements of the room. An overview of all applied functions in this room with »more« button is at any time available for the user. It leads to the Extended Control Panel. Instant Control Panel

THE EXTENDED CONTROL PANEL The Extended Control Panel includes always all control elements of a room, independent from the Instant Control Panel's favorites. Like all other CUBEVISION elements, it is created by default and can be arranged in columns, as desired. The columns can be laid out topically or by interacting frequency and split up to several pages, on demand. The number of pages is not limited and the elegant animated paging takes place by a discreet placed page indicator. By this the user attains back to the room view and the Instant Control Panel from any position by only one action. Independent from Instant or Extended Control Panel, complex functions such as camera or diagram exist, which requires an extended view ­ the Extended Element View. Call up Extended Control Panel Extended Control Panel in full screen

THE EXTENDED ELEMENT VIEW Operation elements with a greater range of functions need a full screen display, to ensure best possible clarity and usability. This requirement is accounted by the Extended Element View, which is reached easily by the »Extended« button of the corresponding control element. In doing so it is not an issue, if the element is placed on the Instant Control Panel or Extended Control Panel. The Extended Element View does not have to be configured, but rather be present by default when the element is appended. In this way, diagram elements offer the possibility to the user, to observe arbitrary curve shapes extensively and to compare them by the help of the innovative freeze-function. In the RGB-element, individual color combinations can be adjusted comfortably. Furthermore weather data, multimedia control and camera control offers the Extended Element View by default. RGB-Control in the Extended Element View Diagram in the Extended Element View

QUICK NAVIGATION The Quick Navigation offers an alternative for room navigation to the innovative gesture control. This novel kind of navigation enables switching through rooms within seconds. Quick Navigation is available from every page by only one »click« on the background image. There all rooms will be displayed neatly arranged and sorted by floors. By selection of the corresponding room, the user will be led to his desired target without any detours. Like all the others components, Quick Navigation is available by default. Quick Navigation You want to find out more? Please visit our website at or experience CUBEVISION live and as a video on CUBEVISION Available now in every EIBPORT® 3

Wether Android®, iOS® or Windows®: CUBEVISION works on nearly all devices and operating systems. There is no need to invest in costly apps for different systems any longer. By using the latest web-technology, the user has the free choice of hardware and operating system.

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