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FACILITYMASTER NEW DIMENSIONS. The FACILITYMASTER is the EIBPORT's big brother. It incorporates all of its functionalities despite being designed for use in large projects. Additionally, individual applications such as DATALOGGER, APPMODULE and KNXEASY are on-board. However, due to its option to establish encoded connections to the EIBPORT or LINKMODULE, it is also highly suitable for property administration. 256 simultaneous connections to all visualisations (except Java Control) are possible. CONTROL W even allows up to 2000 connections. With its room occupancy plan (CONTROL R), the controlling of up to 256 rooms can be automated. More than 2000 jobs can be entered in one device. The DATALOGGER enables internal data recording of 500 million datasets. Some applications can be added without any difficulties using the integrated APPMODULE. They work in a separate virtual machine within the FACILITYMASTER in order not to influence other processes. The integration of third-party software using the integrated KNXEASY is also possible. The pre-installed LogitechTM Media Server makes the FACILITYMASTER the control centre of all the music zones. Due to the new failure management, the FACILITYMASTER becomes a central alarm system with protocolled user accesses.

TECHNOLOGY WHICH FASCINATES ALL ADVANTAGES IN DETAIL HIGH-PERFORMANCE Thanks to the high-performance hardware, the EIBPORT functions can be used in considerably greater quantities. 256 simultaneous visualisations or even 2000 CONTROL W applications as well as more than 2000 jobs make the device a titan of performance and that as uncomplicatedly as usual. INTEGRATED The integration of DATALOGGER, APPMODULE and KNXEASY makes the use of further devices superfluous. The integration of CONTROL W (2000 clients) and CONTROL R (256 rooms) makes the FACILITYMASTER a true price / performance winner. The LogitechTM media server as the music centre for the AUDIOMODULE rounds off the function portfolio. CENTRAL Up to 256 properties can be visualised centrally and monitored permanently. All the data from the properties can be documented packaged. Fault messages are administrated centrally and specifically forwarded. Communication is targeted (Unicast) and secure with the EIBPORT or the good value LINKMODULE via the manufacturer's own systems coupling. With its capacity to save 500 million datasets, FACILITYMASTER is naturally also suitable for central consumption data recording. HIGH AVAILABILITY The device uses several virtual machines. This guarantees high operational security because the applications run independently of each other. At the same time, the connection of the properties takes place according to the functional principle of a VPN. The link connection is implemented optionally by the FACILITYMASTER or the LINKMODULE. FLEXIBLE The integrated APPMODULE provides you the freedom to create your own applications or to load them from the BAB APPSTORE. This guarantees a high degree of flexibility. Thanks to the integrated KNXEASY protocol, third-party applications can be implemented easily. With the familiar expansion of the functionalities in the EIBPORT, the FACILITYMASTER grows too. 19 INCH Due to its architecture, the FACILITYMASTER is part of a professional IT environment. It has an interface to the UPS and can react to corresponding status information. Industrial quality components guarantee top reliability.

PRODUCT APPLICATION THE FACILITYMASTER IN ACTION FACILITYMASTER ­ USE IN THE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY ... up to 2000 Clients Office 3.1 Office 3.2 Office ... Central visualisation Office 2.1 Office 2.2 Office ... LAN LAN FACILITYMASTER Office 1.1 Office 1.2 Office ... LAN KNXnet/IP-Router KNX® The FACILITYMASTER is installed centrally in the network and administrates the CONTROL W-visualisations for all clients connected (up to 2000). The high-performance hardware executes up to 2000 services reliably. Additionally, central visualisation is available which depicts the global system status. The connection to KNX® takes place via the network and KNXnet/IP.

PRODUCT APPLICATION THE FACILITYMASTER IN ACTION FACILITYMASTER ­ CONNECTING PROPERTIES Regional visulaisation Subsidiary C Central visualisation Regional headquarters LINKMODULE Administration headquarters EIBPORT Intranet FACILITYMASTER Internet LINKMODULE LINKMODULE Subsidiary B Subsidiary A The FACILITYMASTER sits at the company's headquarters as a central manager. The properties are connected using communication technology via the Internet or the Intranet. Thanks to encoded Unicast communication, data transfer is secure and can be established without taking any further measures. For larger properties where own services and visualisation are required, the EIBPORT is used as a coupler. The LINKMODULE is used for smaller properties (e.g. warehouses, etc.).

OVERVIEW TECHNICAL DATA Article no.: 10310 · · · · Operating voltage: 230V AC Processor: Intel® CoreTM i3 Processor 3.4 GHz Main memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 HDD: 2 x 500 GB SATA RAID 1 Mechanical data: · Installation: 19 inch insert 2 RU · Front panel: 3 mm aluminium anodised · Chassis: Hot-galvanised sheet steel, RAL 9006 white aluminium DATALOGGER EIBPORT KNXEASY Interfaces: · KNX® via KNXnet/IP · LAN: 2 x gigabit Ethernet · Serial: COM 1 FACILITYMASTER Operating system: · Linux® OS with Xen VM APPMODULE AUDIOMODULE CONTROL W CONTROL R EIBPORT KNXEASY DATALOGGER APPMODULE BAB TECHNOLOGIE FACILITYMASTER The specifications in the flyer refer to the current production status of the devices. We reserve the rights to make changes with regard to technology and design. Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment shall apply exclusively.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE 256 simultaneous connections More than 2000 jobs 2000 CONTROL W applications INTEGRATED EIBPORT, DATALOGGER, KNXEASY, APPMODULE, CONTROL W, CONTROL R CENTRAL 256 properties Targeted, secured systems coupling Central consumption data recording FACILITYMASTER HIGH AVAILABILITY Virtual machines Optional connection Create your own applications 3rd-party applications can be implemented easily FLEXIBLE Integration into professional IT environment UPS interface Industrial quality components 19 INCH

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