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Web app technology For private homes and commercial use KNX®, Powernet, EnOcean®, GSM®, S0, 1-Wire FLEXIBLE Intuitive editor Pre-configured libraries Automatic menu creation FAST CALCULABLE Simple configuration Fast putting into operation Guided work flow EIBPORT ECONOMICAL Low power input Multibus technology Numerous integrated services Integration of multimedia controllers Connection possible using infrared and RS-232 Control of Sonos® players and AUDIOMODULE MULTIMEDIA INDEPENDENT Free selection of control units Operating system-agnostic Uniform visualisation on all devices

FASCINATING TECHNOLOGY ALL ADVANTAGES IN DETAIL FLEXIBLE Thanks to browser-based visualization free of licence costs, virtually all devices for controlling building automation can be used. Whether a smartphone, a tablet or a touch-panel PC: with almost 40 integrated services and its high-performance hardware, the EIBPORT is perfectly suitable for both your own home and medium-sized commercial buildings. Whether for highly complex projects with building cross-sections or the elegant CUBEVISION visualisation for a smart home: the flexible EIBPORT architecture makes it a tool which can be used universally and holds potential for the future. FAST Using the intuitive configuration interface and the innovative CUBEVISION visualization (patent application pending), you can create impressive user interfaces within the shortest of periods. Changes and additions can be implemented rapidly. CALCULABLE The uncomplicated configuration makes projects easy to plan and realise. Therefore, projects can be completed on-time and on-budget. Offer your customers a consistent interface design with CUBEVISION and the new CUBEVISION MOBILE based on Web app technology. ECONOMICAL With only a mere 5 watts' power consumption, the EIBPORT makes it possible to achieve large savings potential. Its intelligent technology enables considerable reduction of excess power requirements. MULTIMEDIA The EIBPORT offers more than automation functions. The network connection and corresponding protocol implementation mean that the integration of multimedia control is no problem. Irrespective of whether Sonos® control, controlling the AUDIOMODULE, connection using RS-232 or infrared, EIBPORT offers a fitting solution for all scenarios. INDEPENDENT By waiving licence fees and using the latest browser technology (HTML 5, Ajax, CSS 3), you have independence when selecting the control units. No matter whether your customer uses a smartphone with Android® or iOS®, a touch-panel PC or a tablet ­ the EIBPORT offers uniform visualisation.

EIBPORT VERSION 3 AUTOMATE. VISUALISE. CONTROL. The EIBPORT connects the building control unit with the Ethernet network and home entertainment. It provides seven different communication interfaces which can be combined differently. The device is both a visualisation gateway and an automation gateway. With CUBEVISION (patent application pending) and CUBEVISION MOBILE, which is based on Web app technology, one of the most innovative visualisations is available, regardless of device and free of licence costs. Almost 40 integrated services make additional control modules superfluous and enable planning with no costs involved. Numerous configuration aids help to set up the system fast. As a top hat rail device, the EIBPORT has a tamper-proof housing. With less than 5 watts, the power consumption is extremely low.

BASIC FUNCTIONS AS AN OVERVIEW · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Integrated visualisation: Java visualisation, CONTROL L (Ajax), CUBEVISION, CUBEVISION MOBILE, CONTROL S Visualisation editor based on graphics editing programs Gesture control Dialogue pages Encoded user authentication Integration of IP network cameras Connection to NTP servers RSS feeds VPN servers ETS address adoption Bus monitor and data recording Address status table No data point limitation Saving of 500,000 telegrams Multi-user visualisation (no license costs) · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · SMS transmission and receipt (GSM module) Processing of error messages Infrared connection via UDP RS 232 connection via UDP UDP receiver UDP transmitter Cyclic transmitter ekey® connection DALI® monitor Multimedia connection, UPnP, xPL Logging in SQL databases ETS remote programming KNXnet/IP server Room temperature control Camera archive HTTP request with response evaluation using regular expressions Mathematics module, integrator Meter, pulse counter Wake on LAN Systems coupling 1-Wire sensor recognition Other software: DATAWAREHOUSE 2 for data and consumption analysis Control via allocation plan (CONTROL R) Control via widget (CONTROL W) · · · · · · · · Integrated services: Web server Weekly and annual time switches, special day switch Simple and complex astro time switches Staircase function, delayer Logics, light scenes · Comparators, threshold switches, hysteresis, multiplexers · Time and date fields · e-mail, SMS via e-mail OVERVIEW TECHNICAL DATA · · · · · · · · · Power supply: 12­30 V DC Power input: <= 5 VA Bus voltage: via the KNX® Operating system: Embedded Linux X86 600 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, 4 GB flash Environmental conditions: EN 50090-2-2 Ambient temperature: 0 to 40°C Storage temperature: ­20 to + 70°C Relative humidity (non-condensing): 5% to 80% · Weight: approx. 0.4 kg · Protection class: IP20 (according to EN 60529) Interfaces (model-dependent): KNX® via bus terminal (twisted pair) Ethernet via RJ45 socket 1-Wire via USB 4 S0 interfaces EnOcean® via external SMA antenna GSM® via external GSM® antenna Powernet KNX® via pluggable screw terminal · · · · · · · Mechanical data: · Installation: MDRC 8 MW · Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm: 144 x 90 x 64.5 · Housing: plastic

GOOD CONNECTIONS LAN, KNX®, ENOCEAN®, POWERNET EIBPORT Functional survey Home automation Actuator with current value detection Weather station Button Blind Button Heating Window contact Further services EnOcean® KNX 1-Wire, S0-Bus GSM 1-Wire S0 Facility coupling with the FACILITYMASTER Remote servicing with ETS 1-Wire temperature sensor SO meter SO meter Multiroom EIBPORT LAN Facility coupling with EIBPORT E-mail Moxa RS232 IRTrans Internet LAN IR HIFI Projector TV xPL Facility coupling with the LINKMODULE SMS via GSM WLAN-Router LAN AUDIOMODULE SQB Server SONOS Voice Intercom Visualisation clients e.g. Network services Door station e.g. CUBEVISION e.g. CUBEVISION APPMODULE Energy data recording SQL database IP camera KNXnet/IP e.g. CUBEVISION e.g. CUBEVISION Facility coupling via KNXnet/IP ETS interface The use of the EIBPORT extends the KNX®/EnOcean® automation comprehensively. The connection to the Ethernet network makes numerous further applications possible. IR-Trans makes it possible to incorporate any consumer-electronics device for building control. For example, when the conference room is darkened, the projector is automatically switched on. For even more comfortable multiroom functionality, Sonos® components or the brand new AUDIOMODULE can now be operated via the KNX®/ EnOcean® button. The KNX® bus energy data analysis can be transferred via the Ethernet to high-volume storage for energy data analysis and then be evaluated. Any operator clients such as smartphones and tablet PCs can access the KNX®/EnOcean®participants and control them. CUBEVISION (patent application pending) allows uniform, consistent operation on the respective interface. If desired, an e-mail or an SMS is sent in the event of a failure. The network camera provides an insight into what is happening on-site. It is cheap to put into service and fast support is possible via the Internet with remote servicing. With the help of the intranet or Internet, it is also possible to couple several buildings and int...

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