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DUODMX GATEWAY LIGHT IT UP. The DUODMX GATEWAY has two independently-configurable DMX outputs, each with 512 channels. This allows two rooms to be controlled independently. The device can be operated as a DMX master or slave. The gateway transmits DMX packages in master mode and receives them in slave mode. Five different device variants enable use in almost all required scenarios. The device serves as a DMX gateway for KNX®- or EnOcean® systems but can also be operated as a standalone device ­ or be addressed directly, e.g. by your smartphone's browser. The professional configuration software not only enables the dimming of individual channels, but also the programming of complex sequences. The DUODMX GATEWAY is highly suitable for subsequent installation as a device installed in the ceiling. A corresponding adapter is available for top hat rail installation.

FASCINATING TECHNOLOGY ALL ADVANTAGES IN DETAIL DUO The DUODMX GATEWAY has two DMX outputs which can be controlled independently. So one device can be used to control two rooms simultaneously and separately. As the device can be operated both as a DMX master and a DMX slave, the status information from the DMX environment are also available for building control. PROFESSIONAL In order to make quick progess during configuration, the professional DMX software "DMX-Configurator" is available to the DUODMX GATEWAY. In addition to all the required DMX-specific settings, the software also includes a function which immediately makes configuration changes visible on the end devices. If desired, the configuration data can be easily transferred via the network. DIMMER Each DMX channel can be dimmed individually or switched. This means that the lighting atmosphere can be changed as desired at all times. Relative and absolute dimming are available. SEQUENCER The most important feature of the DUODMX GATEWAY is its programmable sequences. The desired colour impressions are entered as sequences and can be accessed at all times by simply pressing a key - they run autonomously in the device. FLEXIBLE The different product variants mean that a solution is available for various requirements. No matter whether a KNX® or EnOcean® system ­ the gateway is cord connected or cordless. The design as a ceiling installation device with an optional top hat rail adapter enables both new installations and retrofitting. WLAN Even if no network, KNX® or EnOcean® is available at the installation location, the device can be used. The gateway communicates via WLAN and is controlled directly by a smartphone application. As a standalone solution, the device is also attractive for conventional installations without building control.

PRODUCT VARIANTS THE DUODMX GATEWAY IN USE STANDALONE ­ TYPE 12040 DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer WLAN DUODMX GATEWAY »Stand Alone« DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer The smartphone and the DUODMX GATEWAY log in to the local WLAN router. The smartphone application sends the control command to the gateway via WLAN. The control command is forwarded to the DMX dimmers. ENOCEAN ­ TYPE 12030 DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer EnOcean DUODMX GATEWAY »EnOcean®« DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer The DUODMX GATEWAY is given the control command via "EnOcean® radio control". The EnOcean® signals are converted to DMX packages and forwarded to the DMX dimmers. KNX/TP ­ TYPE 12020 DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer KNX/TP-Installation KNX® DUODMX GATEWAY »KNX/TP« Slave / Master DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer The DUODMX GATEWAY is connected to the KNX® bus (twisted pair) using a pluggable screw terminal. It therefore receives its commands directly via the KNX® bus and forwards them to the DMX dimmers as converted DMX packages.

PRODUCT VARIANTS THE DUODMX GATEWAY IN USE EXTENSION ­ TYPE 12000 EIBPORT DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer KNX/TP-Installation KNX/TP LAN ­ BMXProtokoll DUODMX GATEWAY »Extension« Slave / Master DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer EIBPORT DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer KNX-Powenet Installation KNX Powernet LAN ­ BMXProtokoll DUODMX GATEWAY »Extension« Slave / Master DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer As an extension, the DUODMX GATEWAY is provided with the control commands from the EIBPORT via the BMX protocol. As a result, the DMX packages for the dimmers are triggered. KNXNET/IP ­ TYPE 12010 KNXnet/IP Router DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer KNX/TP-Installation KNX/TP LAN ­ KNXnet/IP DUODMX GATEWAY »KNXnet/IP« Slave / Master DMX512 e.g. DMX-Dimmer In this variant, the DUODMX GATEWAY receives its control commands via KNXnet / IP routing. As a result, the DMX packages for the dimmers are triggered.

OVERVIEW TECHNICAL DATA · · · · · · · Operating voltage: 12­32 V DC Power input: <= 1.2 VA Connection: Power over Ethernet (PoE) or power supply via terminal Environmental conditions: EN 50090-2-2, Category 3K5 Ambient temperature: ­5 to +45°C Storage temperature: ­10 to +60°C Relative humidity (non-condensing): < 95 % r. F. Mechanical data: · Installation: ceiling installation or via top hat rail adapter EN 50022 ­ 35 x 7.5 · Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm: without fastening lugs: 116 x 50 x 26 with fastening lugs: 146 x 50 x 26 · Housing: plastic · Weight: approx. 120g · Protection class: IP20 (according to EN 60529) Interfaces (model-dependent): KNX®: twisted pair via terminal (1.5 mm) Ethernet: RJ45 connection EnOcean®: external SMA antenna WLAN: 802.11 b (compatible with b/g/n) 2 x DMX 512: terminal (1.5 mm2) Features: Power supply: PoE Programming: SD card / network Configuration: "DMX configurator" (professional DMX software) DMX: 2 x 512 channels External antenna: 2.50m cable, magnetic base and SMA plug. System requirements (DMX configurator): Operating system: current Windows® desktop systems Communication: network interface Hard disk memory: 5 MB Optional: card reader device for SD cards · · · · · · · · · · · · · · The specifications in the flyer refer to the current production status of the devices. We reserve the right to make changes with regard to technology and design. Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment shall apply exclusively.

Two separate DMX outputs DMX master or slave mode DUO Switch DMX channels directly Change lighting atmosphere at any time Absolute and relative dimming DIMMER PROFESSIONAL Professional DMX software Configuration via network Preview function DUODMX GATEWAY Programmable sequences Accessible at the press of a button Speed of the scene progression can be varied SEQUENCER KNX® or EnOcean® Wireless or wired New installation or retrofitting FLEXIBLE Stand alone solution Extended installation scenarios WLAN

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