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CUBEVISIONMODULE GREAT TECHNOLOGY IN A HANDY FORMAT. The entry into the world of building automation has never been easier: The CUBEVISIONMODULE offers all the essential functions of a high-grade visualisation, while being simplicity itself to set up and operate. The implemented CUBEVISION visualisations and the CUBEVISION MOBILE based on Web app technology facilitate a consistent user interface on almost any input device. This means that smartphones and tablets etc. become handy and mobile control centres for the home. The intuitive CUBEVISON Editor is integrated and can be called up and operated using any standard browser. The number of control elements such as multimedia controllers, RGBW colour selectors, IP cameras etc., is unlimited. The opening of doors is made more secure and convenient by means of the intercom function with video and audio. The embedded multi-room functionality permits the control of Sonos® players and our AUDIOMODULE. By implementing the KNXnet/IP protocol, the device can also be used as an IP router and thus becomes a fully-fledged node in the KNX® network.

FASCINATING TECHNOLOGY ALL THE ADVANTAGES IN DETAIL SIMPLE The cube is automatically set up as soon as you specify the floors and rooms. Each room is given an individual appearance by the application of background images. The required control elements are easily linked with the group addresses. They are automatically inserted into the correct design and then positioned. On request, the CUBEVISION MOBILE version generates itself completely automatically from the CUBEVISION visualisation thus created. WEB APP The Web app technology improves performance enormously. The app is available from the Google® PlayStoreTM and Apple® AppStore. It simplifies access and ensures the suitability of the devices. UNLIMITED The number of users is unlimited. The use of any number of control elements such as multimedia controllers, RGBW colour selectors, IP cameras etc., is also possible and limited only by the performance of the hardware. The app can likewise be installed on many tablets, smartphones or touch panel PCs. INTEGRATED The intelligent CUBEVISION technology enables one building visualisation system to be used, regardless of the devices and operating systems. This means that users can always find their way around, wherever they are. Thanks to the automatic adaptation to the respective screen size, the visualisation is always optimally displayed. EXTRAS The control of Sonos® players and of the brand-new AUDIOMODULE from BAB Technologie makes multi-room functionality particularly convenient. The new diagram presentation with the unique "freeze function" offers a detailed display and the possibility of comparing graphs with one another. ROUTERS As a completely functional IP router, the CUBEVISIONMODULE becomes a fully-fledged node in the KNX® network and renders additional hardware superfluous for the communication with the ETS. This reduces the initial costs and simplifies the handling.

EVERYWHERE AT HOME CUBEVISION ON DIFFERENT DEVICES CUBEVISION Desktop Computer Windows® oder MAC® OS Touch-Panel-PC Android® Tablet-PC iOS® Tablet-PC CUBEVISION MOBILE iOS® Smartphone Android® Smartphone

Home screen of the CUBEVISION Extended Control Panel (ECP): Overview of the visualisation elements Extended Control Panel (ECP): Multi-room audio control Extended Control Panel (ECP): Overview of all rooms in the "quick navigation" Extended Control Panel (ECP): Representation of the performance of a PV system Extended Control Panel (ECP): Representation of an IP camera display Extended Control Panel (ECP): Selection of lighting colours and scenarios Extended Control Panel (ECP): Representation of the weather data

OVERVIEW TECHNICAL DATA Article no.: 10560 · · · · · · · · Operating voltage: 12­32 V DC Typical power input 300 mA at 12 V DC Power input: 5 W Connection: Power supply via screw type terminal Weatherproof: EN 50090-2-2 Ambient temperature: -5 to + 35 °C Storage temperature: -10 to + 60°C Relative humidity (non-condensing): 5% to 80% Mechanical data: Installation: REG casing 4 pitch Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm: 70 x 90 x 63 Casing: Plastic Protection class: IP20 (according to EN 60529) Interfaces: Ethernet via RJ45 socket SD card slot: The card must remain inserted KNX®/TP connection EnOcean® available soon · · · · · · · · Special features: · Automatic generation of visualisations Software requirements: · Operating system: any · Communication: Network interface · Browser: current standard browser The specifications in the flyer refer to the current production status of the devices. We reserve the right to make changes with regard to technology and design. Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment shall apply exclusively.

Configuration in just 3 steps Automatic layout of the visualisation SIMPLE Google® PlayStoreTM and Apple® AppStore High performance WEB-APP UNLIMITED No limit to number of users No limitation of control elements CUBEVISIONMODULE CONTINUOUS Standardized design on all devices Consistent operating concept Control of Sonos® players and AUDIOMODULE Weather forecast Innovative display of diagrams EXTRAS ROUTER Fully functional IP router Interface to the ETS Reduction of initial costs

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