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eibPort in 8 variants The eibPort Version 3 can optionally be fitted with two modules. Standard versions are KNX®, EnOcean® or Powernet KNX®. So the eibPort can be adapted exactly to the customers needs. The following combinations are possible: VERSIONS KNX® TP Basis LAN EnOcean® Powernet KNX® LAN KNX Art-Nr.: 10104 LAN EnOcean Art-Nr.: 13104 LAN Powernet Art-Nr.: 11104 MODULES GSM® LAN KNX+GSM Art-Nr.: 10304 LAN EnOcean+GSM Art-Nr.: 13304 LAN Powernet+GSM Art-Nr.: 11304 EnOcean® LAN KNX+EnOcean Art-Nr.: 10504 LAN Powernet+EnOcean Art-Nr.: 11504 Optional GSM® With the GSM®-module your building automation is reachable even if there is no internet. Alternatively the GSM®-module can be used as a fallback solution, in case of an internet connection breakdown. Obviously the GSM®-module is also suitable for sending and receiving SMS. New: 1-Wire Using the USB-connector of the eibPort in combination with the 1-Wire-USB-adaptor the benefit of the low cost sensors of the 1-Wire range is available. New: S0-Interface The eibPort comes with four S0 -Inputs for consumption data acquisition in series. S0-meter (e. g. for electricity, gas or water) can be connected to the inputs.

Twitter The eibPort is now able to twitter. In case of an alert, a text message is sent to any twitter account. Vice versa a process can be executed with a predefined text message. After setting up a (secret) twitter account the data of the authentication token has to be entered into the eibPort. Room thermostat-job In combination with 1-Wire temperature sensors this job allows a low-priced ambient temperature controller. This job is able to handle 2-level heating and cooling control (PI and 2-point). Communication objects: Mode Switching 1Byte Frost Protection 1Bit Night 1 Bit Comfort 1 Bit Setpoint Value 2 Byte Rel. Setpoint Adjustment 1 Byte / 2 Byte Current Setpoint 2 Byte Current Temperature 2 Byte Failure Current Temp. 1 Bit / 14 Byte Toggle H/C 1Bit Heating HC1 1 Bit / 1 Byte Additional Level HC1 1 Bit / 1 Byte Cooling CC1 1 Bit / 1 Byte Additional Level CC1 1 Bit / 1 Byte Shading 1 Bit / 1Byte Comfort Extension 1 Bit CubeVision New ways to navigate. Intuitive, simple and fast. Rooms will be placed in a cube with adjustable pages. Sliding to the left or right enables the rotation of rooms, sliding up and down changes the floors. With one tap on the page the complete room structure occurs. A double tap will zoom the page. In every room a «Favorites»-control panel with the most used functions can be placed. Executing the «extended» button will show all functions within in this room.

DUO DMX Gateway ,,stand alone" The internal web server enables the usage of the gateway without KNX® or EnOcean®. A web-based user interface is used for retrieving light scenes. Up to four color wheels can be placed. Next generation Touch Panel Thank to Intel® Atom 1,6 GHz Dual-Core the new Touch Panel DP 3.0 is more powerful although the power consumption has been reduced. Due to the new mounting technique, the panel only needs to be hooked up. It can be folded out from the bottom, so connecting cables is very easy and possible without removing the whole panel. For more ease of use, variants with capacitive touch display and end-to-end glass surface are available. For the attractive and flush-mounted wall fitting a special installation kit is designed. b.a.b-technologie GmbH Inhouse Dortmund Rosemeyerstraße 14 44139 Dortmund Phone: +49 231 476425­30 Fax: +49 231 476425­59 E-mail: Internet: All information within this flyer show the actual production state of the devices. Changes regarding technical equipment and design are subject to modification. Our terms of delivery and payment and our sales terms are valid exclusively.


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